Prayer & Worship - Baptism

Baptism incorporates us with Christ and forms us into God’s People.  It is the first sacrament of initiation.  The Catholic Church baptizes people of all age – from infants to adults.  To help prepare individuals and families for this sacrament, the Church offers various forms of formation.


Adults who are interested in becoming baptized or would like to learn more about being Catholic are invited to call the Parish Office:  219-663-0044.  We are waiting for your phone call.  WANT TO BECOME CATHOLIC


We welcome you and your child! 

We want to do whatever we can to help make the sacrament of Baptism a Graced moment for your family and Saint Mary’s Church.

Parents who ask for the sacrament of Baptism for their child are giving their child a precious gift – the gift of Faith.  In view of the tremendous responsibility accepted by the parent at a child’s baptism, Saint Mary’s provides our parents with a wonderful sacramental preparation experience.   It begins with a telephone call to our Parish Office (219-663-0044).

After parents have completed their preparation, the Baptism of their child will be scheduled. 

Baptism of infant children is ordinarily scheduled during one of the weekend Masses on Saturday evening or Sunday morning.  Baptisms can also be scheduled after the 12:00 noon Mass on the first or third Sunday of the month.

Parents of children above the age of six who are interested in having their child baptized are invited to call Mrs. Marian Weeks in our Faith Formation Office (219-663-7934).  She will be happy to introduce you to our Order of Christian Initiation for Children

For Godparents

If you have been invited to be a Godparent…Congratulations! 

These parents are calling you to be something special for their child:  to set an example, help teach their child about the Catholic Faith, have a lifelong relationship of prayer, faith sharing and love. 

The parents see in you a profound faith commitment, trust, and know you are someone who will care about them and their faith. 

Being a Godparent means being a practicing, mature Catholic.

Being a Godparent takes time, a caring heart, and a listening ear. 

Being a Godparent is a sacred vocation – a calling, an appeal to live something out in your life.

Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?  

Before accepting this invitation, take some time to pray and reflect on your ability to do this.  You might ask yourself:  “Can I share my faith unashamedly?  Will distance or other obligations prevent me from getting to know my godchild?  Am I an active member of my local faith community?

For Parents

This is a big day for your family…and you want to do the right thing.

Choosing Godparents is a decision not to be taken lightly.

Too often parents want to honor a special friend, repay a favor, or encourage a non-relative to have a closer relationship with their child.  While all of these motives are well-intentioned, they are not ideal. 

Consider the following.

A godparent serves a special role for the one to be baptized – whether a child or an adult.  Godparents represent the Catholic Faith Community – the Church.  They are to assist in the preparation of adult candidates for Baptism and to be supportive of them afterwards.  When it comes to infant baptism, godparents are to assist the child’s parents in raising their child in the Catholic Faith, so that the child may profess and live it as an adult.

It is helpful to remember that Baptism gives a person a new and special status as a child of God and it makes a person a member of the Body of Christ – the Church.  What you are looking for in a godparent is someone who can truly represent the Christian community.  This means you want at least one active and committed Catholic.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church states “the Godfather and Godmother…must be firm believers, able and ready to help the newly baptized – child or adult – on the road to Christian life.”  This is the Church’s way of saying that being a godparent is truly a ministry in the Church and not merely an honor.

As much as a couple might appreciate all the help a non-practicing special friend has given them, this is not a good motive for inviting them to be a godparent.  Rather, a couple should choose a firm believer, someone who is truly committed to the Catholic Faith in which their new baby will be baptized.  To ensure that a godparent is capable, Church law insists that this person be at least 16 years old, fully initiated (having received Confirmation and Eucharist), be someone other than the legal parents and one who leads a life in harmony with the Church.

All of this may seem like quite a bit.  The purpose is to insure that the rich and beautiful faith of the Church is passed on to your child in the most loving and authentic way possible.  The task of choosing godparents is one which should be performed with much prayer, careful thought and with the greatest concern for the precious spiritual life of your child.