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Why do parents chose St. Mary’s?
St. Mary’s offers a rigorous curriculum and its dedicated teachers challenge students and prepare them for success in high school and beyond.  Students learn the tenants of the Catholic faith and are provided opportunities to practice that faith on a daily basis.  St. Mary’s students are well-behaved and hard-working.  St. Mary’s is more than just a school, it’s a community full off families who want the best for their children and the educational environment is second to none.

Is SMS affordable?
YES! Our competitive tuition rates enable us to offer our excellence in education at an affordable price. Financial aid such as, Diocesan assistance, free & reduced lunch, parish subsidies, and free & reduced book rental are available. We are also a proud participant in the Indiana School Choice Scholarship  (Voucher) Program.  Most families spread their electronic tuition payments over ten months.

Does St. Mary’s have modern technology?
Absolutely! St. Mary’s is one of the leaders in the diocese in the area of technology. Some recent upgrades made over the last several years are: Hired a full-time technology coordinator, cloud-based gradebooks for teachers, new parent information system, classroom set of laptops, upgraded infrastructure, commercial-grade student accessible WIFI system, smartboards, continuous software updates, numerous professional development opportunities for teachers, “one to one” technology, and much more. Students in the junior high use tablets and other devices on a daily basis.

Our family is not Catholic. May our children attend St. Mary Catholic Community School?
Yes. We have many students at St. Mary’s who are not Catholic. Everyone is welcome at St. Mary’s. All students attend mass and have religion class but those who are not Catholic are not expected to fully participate in mass.

Does St. Mary's provide after school care?
Yes.  St. Mary's students in grades K-8 may stay after at "Angel Care" until 5:30 PM.  The Angel Care staff is made up of teachers and classroom aides.  Many students complete their homework at Angel Care and our younger students enjoy coloring and other activities. 

Are families required to volunteer their time?
Yes. A credit of $600 is offered to families for working a total of 12 hours of service at designated fund raisers. These hours may be divided among the fundraisers. A parent or legal guardian may only fulfill these hours. All families are encouraged to participate and the service hours are generally thought of as a fun way to serve the school and get to know other SMS parents.

Are parents bombarded with candy sales, raffle ticket sales, bake sales, wrapping paper sales, and other fundraisers throughout the year?
No. Due to the tremendous efforts of our Home and School Association, we have a few major fundraisers rather than many small ones.

Are hot lunches available to students?
Yes. Crown Point Food Service provides two choices of lunches daily. Children can choose to bring a cold lunch or purchase a hot lunch on a daily basis. Milk may be purchased alone. Monthly menus are distributed to families.

What is “The Wildcat”?
The Wildcat is our weekly electronic newsletter. It is e-mailed to all parents on Wednesday and can also be found on online. On a Weekly basis blue envelope is sent home to each family with the oldest child in the family. Report Cards, classroom newsletters, forms, fund-raising information, and school sponsored activities are all included in the Blue envelope. Your child should return the folder to his teacher the next day.

What is TRIP?
TRIP is tuition reimbursement incentive program. It is a national program offered to non-profit organizations to help raise funds. TRIP is designed to reduce families’ tuition costs and help generate revenue for the participating school. St. Mary Catholic Community School will purchase certificates from over 100 local businesses. The certificates will be purchased at a discount and sold to families at full face value.

May I attend Mass with my child?
Parents and siblings are always welcome at Mass. Children will sit with their class and we ask parents to sit in the rear of church to allow for all the classes.

What time do I drop off and pick up my child?
Doors open at 7:00 am. Students are to be in their classrooms at 7:30 am. Dismissal begins at 2:15pm.

The School Handbook provides most of the information you will need. The school office and your child's teacher can also assist you in any questions. A parent directory is published every fall.

Who do I call if I have more questions?
Administrative Assistant, Monica Kasper 663-0676.