At St. Mary’s we welcome your child into their first experience with a full day program.  Our goal is to ease your child into this full day and also give your child multiple experiences to learn through play and our curriculum.  We want each child to grow in their love and understanding of God and our Faith.  This important first year of school lays the foundation for years to come.  We want that foundation to be a positive one for you and your child.


St. Mary Catholic Community School is a community where Christ is the center and where, through the collaborative efforts of all, a Catholic atmosphere is created and the students learn to integrate academic knowledge with the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. A major emphasis is devoted to providing for the uniqueness of each child intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically, and above all spiritually, in preparation for an active, Christian life-style. St. Mary Catholic Community School maintains the philosophy that all children can learn when nurtured in ways which meet individual needs. To this end, the staff is dedicated. Their effort, combined with individual motivation and cooperation from the home, will result in the development of the unique potential of each student.

Our Curriculum

St. Mary’s Kindergarten offers a comprehensive curriculum that helps prepare them for their first grade experience.

Our faith based religion is taught daily.  The children learn Catholic prayers and attend Mass weekly, and are taught Christian behaviors.

The “SuperKids” reading program is fun and challenging, teaching the children all the reading and writing skills necessary for success in 1st grade.  The children take the Early Literacy Test to monitor progress and are exposed to the Accelerated Reading Program.

Our math program includes learning and writing numbers to 100, patterning, subtraction and addition facts to 10.

To make our program well rounded, we teach science and social studies and the children attend computer, art, gym, music and library weekly.  We have SmartBoards in every classroom to enhance our lessons with student interactive involvement.

Kindergarten participates in the hot lunch program, school wide assemblies, school Christmas program, field day, cooking activities, and many themed days.

We take field trips to the Crown Point Fire Department and Fair Oaks Farm and we honor our Mothers with a Mother’s Day Tea.

~Those who would like to visit are encouraged to call our school office and schedule a tour with our principal, Mr. Ruiz





Imagine the excitement of a five-year-old getting to write on a computer "tablet" six-times their size!  Or the pride their parents feel having their young student reading years before they ever did.  Kindergarten students and their families at St. Mary Catholic Community School in Crown Point enjoy these milestones and more.  

Kindergarten teachers Mrs. Linda Mesich and Mrs. Marlene Moreth not only have decades of teaching under their belts, they are up to speed with the latest technology available in classrooms and expectations of kindergarten performance.  Mrs. Mesich has taught at St. Mary's for 23 years and Mrs. Marlene Moreth for 28 years.  Half-day kindergarten was first offered at St. Mary's in 1980.  Twelve years later, St. Mary's was the first school in the area to offer full-day kindergarten.  Mrs. Mesich and Mrs. Moreth have seen significant changes in student academic expectations throughout the years.  It is not just enough to know the alphabet, some numbers, colors, and shapes to enter first grade.  Incoming first-grade students must now also know numbers up to 100, and add and subtract numbers up to 10.  Reading is expected, as well as learning some spelling, punctuation, word families (e.g. cat, rat, sat, mat) and blends (th, sh, br words, and the like.)

Both St. Mary's teachers prepare their students for reading utilizing the Star Reading Accelerated Reading (AR) program.  At the beginning of September, students are given the Early Literacy Test to evaluate their reading abilities.  Students take a short quiz on books that they have read, or have been read to.  Tests are taken on a computer in the classroom, or on a wireless NEO keyboard/screen device.  As students build their reading skills, they are tested three other times throughout the school year.  This reading program is customized to each student's abilities and remains challenging throughout the year.  Parents also come into the classrooms to help students with reading and testing.

Smart Boards are used in each classroom throughout the day.  Teachers use programs available through their reading program, as well as math, religion, and science curriculums.  The Smart Board is joined to the teacher's computer and serves as a giant touch-screen monitor.  The board is interactive.  Students and teachers can write and drag objects just as they can on a personal tablet, but it is as large as a chalk board.  Videos and photographs can be shown and music can be played.  Also starting in kindergarten, students attend weekly computer classes to learn basics keyboarding to become more familiar with computer technology.

While academic goals have changed, proper social interaction and behavior expectations have remained the same.  According to Mrs. Moreth and Mrs. Mesich, there is just as much to learn about a school routine, behavior, and working and playing with other students as the academics.  For some students, this is their first exposure to a classroom setting.  For others, the full-day program is the longest time they have been away from a parent/caregiver.

St. Mary Catholic Community School in Crown Point Indiana has been educating children in the Roman Catholic tradition since 1872.  The school offers grade levels prekindergarten through grade eight.  St. Mary’s faculty teaches a rich curriculum infused with cutting-edge technology.  The school is a recipient of the state of Indiana’s highest accolade, Four Star status.