Prayer & Worship - Marriage

Your wedding is as important to us as it is to you.

We will work with you to make the celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage a holy and life-giving part of your life and the life of our parish. 

Like all sacraments, the preparation for, and celebration of Marriage is grounded in the life and ministry of the parish.  The couple benefits from the experience and support of the community.  At the same time, the couple’s love for each other gives the community a glimpse of Christ’s love for the Church, and thus is a blessing and support to the parish.

Preparation for the Sacrament of Marriage begins with the engaged parishioner contacting Mrs. Jan Mucha in the Parish Office (219-663-0044).  This preliminary inquiry should occur nine months before the anticipated date of marriage. 

The couple will receive information describing the celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage in the Roman Catholic Tradition at Saint Mary’s Church.  If the engaged couple decides to proceed, a wedding date will be reserved and the engaged couple will begin their preparation for the Sacrament of Marriage under the direction of a Preparation Minister assigned by the Pastor.

“The Church must therefore promote better and more intensive programs of marriage preparation in order to eliminate as far as possible the difficulties that many married couples find themselves in, and even more in order to favor positively the establishing and maturing of successful marriages.”

Pope John Paul II
Familiaris Consortio
Apostolic Exhortation on the Family, 1981