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Cindy Anderson
St. Mary's Staff Since 2010

Why I teach at St. Mary’s… 

The students at St. Mary’s School are amazing! Each student has their own area where they excel, and it is wonderful to see the variety of talents! Like us all, they each have areas to work on and grow. What a privilege to help them in their development! Working with Mrs. Saad, and the program she has developed to prepare the students for Kindergarten and beyond is fantastic! Plenty of learning happens through activities full of fun. With her experience teaching higher grades, Mrs. Saad knows just how to prepare the children for a confident and productive classroom experience in the grades to come.

B.A. in Communication, Purdue University

Extra-Curricular Activities:
“Angel Care” (after school care) staff member. I also enjoy running, and the outdoors.

Other Relevant Information:
My daughter is a graduate of St. Mary School, and is in the top 10% of her high school class. My son attends Jr. High at St. Mary School.

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